Monday, November 06, 2006

Cold Showers at 3am

I had a really beautiful weekend. I have no words for it... And even if I did, I couldn't post it... How do you condense such bigness in such a small space?

I had the chance to see so many things. Think about a large bunch. Feel so many others. Reevaluate. Decide. Consider. Open up. Love.

The life I've chosen to live might not be the easiest kind, but it sure is more rewarding than wandering around with age old blindfolds making my head heavy and hard and soggy and slow, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. As hard as the truth may be to face, I prefer living and breathing and digesting it, and knowing that I am advancing on stable ground and not a lie-made mirage. The red pill, please.

Undoubtedly there is much more to life than I know... but I am happy to see but a reflection of a glimpse of a spark of a tip of a ray of that universally engulfing light.

Thank you... from the deepest I've been able to go into me.

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