Monday, December 18, 2006

Justice & Sexual Orientation

Justice is a word that was sent "by mistake" to someone as a txt msg from my cell phone. You know that option for texting that finishes your words? Well, I meant to write only "just" to begin the msg, but as I was going to delete the "ice" offered by the thing, I apparently pressed send instead and the person must've received the word "Justice" as a weird, metaphorical, what-the-hell-does-Chelle-mean kinda msg. I cracked up while I proceeded to write the originally intended communication. The joys of getting a new cell phone.

But now that I think of it... justice... That's a great word. Justice. That is what is being done these days, with all of these encounters. In some way, something is getting balanced. And the most beautiful thing is how it is going about. Planned, unplanned, imagined, unwished for- whichever the nature or intention, the ones that should be are happening, and the ones that shouldn't are simply being erased from this picture. I can't exactly get my foot on it, but I can feel something that wasn't there before. These men are beautiful.

And speaking of men... about sexual orientation... what's the big deal? Whether you like boys or girls, the same things apply. You have the right to be yourself and to be clear about it, and at the same time, that doesn't mean you have to print it on The Daily Planet or shove your sexuality down other ppl's throats. That goes for heteros and homos alike. Freedom to be, YES, we all have it, but respect for ourselves and others should ALSO be included. I think it's simple, though, if you know what you like. There's no need to pretend anything else because it's not about being who you think others think you should be, it's about being who you are. If you like the opposite sex, hooray! If you like the same sex, hooray! IF YOU ARE BEING YOURSELF, HOORAY.

"The truth is the ultimate erotic turn on."

-from Sex, Lies and Videotape

Love u!


caminante said...

Chelle: por alguna razon cada vez que entro aqui me sorprendes mas. la verdad cada vez me sorprende mas tu madures, la manera que ves la vida. muy de acuerdo con tu comentario. ya sabes take care.

& ill like 2 wish u a marry xmas & a wonderful new year full of happyness for u & those around u.


Siouxsie said...

Justice IS a wonderful word, thinking that it will be done keeps me from being down in negative situations.

principemestizo said...

muy acertada tus palabras chelle, no agrego mas po qu eopino lo mismo!

Chelle said...


"freedom!" -george michael