Friday, December 22, 2006

Loving My Vacation

Within the random, some more random things:

  • Meeting up with dear friends, just going with the flow, and having these (some hoped for, some unexpected) things happen regarding some interesting characters in my little black book... New York was utterly enjoyable. I know I've not rested as much as I would like. Heck, early bedtime has apparently and temporarily been strictly prohibited, especially here in Miami. But hey, I'm on vacation, and fun is a main ingredient. Oh, and I mustn't forget about the music... I love laughing and singing.
  • About that phone call, that encounter, that... possibility. Possibility before... Possibility later, perhaps... But not now. Not now? Not now for more, but now for just that exchange of words, smiles, stares, hugs, etc. But not the right time for anything else. Man, I wonder.
  • And now specifically speaking of beautiful gay men... it's astounding to acknowledge the fact that I am infused with femininity when amongst them. I ask myself, how can a man be more feminine than the woman I am? Of course, it can totally happen. Hellow, it totally does. And I love it. I love what I remember when I'm with them.
  • Today (well, technically yesterday) I reconfirmed that when I want to know something it is always better to go to the source. Just as they say you should pray to God directly instead of angels or saints- that sort of thing. You go to the one who really matters. It's harder, yeah, takes more courage and determination, but things are cleared up more quickly, and there's not this buzz of gossip and crap going around- which I really prefer to discard. Anyway, who knows more about your life than yourself? Isn't it logical that if I want to know something about you, I should just go to you? Whoever has played the telephone game knows very well why... Yet so many people continue playing it, and forwarding mistaken information. I'm so glad I chose the ocean instead of the rain. Oh dear, but I did choose a sort of rain. No wait, the one who makes the rain is the ocean, and I did choose the rainfall maker. (Funny how the words play here. That was not on purpose. Probably only 2 people will understand. It's ok, nobody has to.)

Well, I love you and I must go to sleep. There's a house party here tomorrow, so I need to recharge my batteries.



Edwin R. said...

wuey wuey wuey wuey!!! email me so we can hang out before you leave! :)

Chelle said...


cool, vite mi mail.

it's a plan.....