Friday, January 05, 2007

One Happy Camper

A pretty woman mentioned a book on self-esteem
We all agreed it's a super book, profoundly enriching
Yet the man said, yes, but the literature only offers 10%
The remainder develops upon your materializing it (or not).
I remembered another woman I have the pleasure to know
Succesful to the bone, beaming with security and peaceful joy
She said she probably owns more books of those than any of us
She didn't say the suddenly obvious: That is why she's still shining.
Not solely for bibliotheque ownership, but her effort in the other 90%.

"To infinity... and beyond!" -Buzz L.


MaK Xideralis said...

Saludos de este lado corazón. Que la paz reine este año, como siempre.

Anonymous said...

The other 90% is the difficult part...mind over ego.

AniCh said...

ai tuuuuuuuuu!

Chelle said...

mak- amen, igualmentex! :D

an- indeed... mind over ego. i like how u think. difficult makes it still possible tho! ;)

nich- lol! :P (la otra woman es la lic.)

Medicinae Doctoris said...

u look interesting....

japi niu lliar

Chelle said...

interesting? hmm... interesting.

happy happy!