Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Known Issues

Some of us forget what it really means to grow. We mistaken the grand with apparent success on the relative plane- material wealth, a secured partner, sufficient adulators and minor tribulations. It becomes a game of navigating in mapped waters only, discarding the possible and seldom encouraged discovery of uncharted territory. What for? We know what's socially desired, what will be admired and praised by our onlookers. The script has been laid out before us long before our conception, when our unmarried parents used to dream out loud their marvelous plans for us- the same plans society had handed to them on a silver platter, only this time they would throw the internet, and a few other (to them) futuristic adaptations, in the mix. But as an uxorious man is with his wife, I can (should) not be weak by succumbing solely to the known, which I might think I love because I've savored nothing superior.

If I repeat the same general cycle, if I only do what I already know, if I never walk further or swim deeper or fly higher than I ever have before, or at least seen by what's socially applauded, am I really growing?


Joan Guerrero said...

¡Ah.. crecer!

El estereotipo de que los seres humanos de crecer es olvidarnos de toda imaginación, meditar sólo bajo lo racional, ser lógicos y ya...

El efecto: es irreversible. Muchos me han dicho, sea a espaldas o en cara, de que tengo que evolucionar, dejarme de niñadas, no curiosear... pero no les hago caso. Ese es el verdadero crecer del ser humano: que uno curiosee, que esté fuera de los convencionalismos, que no le importe lo material, sino lo espiritual.

Agus said...

No...we become stagnant like the waters that never move, never moving. Growth happens with movement, taking risks, actions. It can seem a bit scary, but after you make the decision to go, there is no stopping. The sky is the limit!


Anonymous said...

You said it correctly..."we forget" our own potential. I remember reading this somewhere - that we are all born geniuses; but the process of living 'de-geniuses' us.

It's a condition of our environment - that being the society and human influences that touch us.

We feel comfortable in walking the well treaded path, because we've been cautioned by every 'wise' person, of the 'possible' consequences of taking the other path.

Chelle said...

jo- yups, una cosa es madurar, y otra cosa es olvidarse de su esencia.

ags- i liked your "No", simple, true, to the point. "Growth happens with movement, taking risks, actions." Agree. Si no, nos estancamos.

an- lol, i like that. the process of living de-geniuses us... but i guess, the process of living incorrectly, maybe. cus there's tons that we don't know how to handle, but we can learn along the way and choose the path of rediscovering the inner genius. :P