Thursday, January 11, 2007

What You're Prepared For

I'd rather be an innocent fool than a full-of-myself coxcomb. Who am I to think I know, you know? To presume I... to presume what? I know I've got a loooooooong road ahead... and one I have to pave at that. It's astoundingly silly to pretend to be on a hundredth floor when you've barely ascended to the second. Instead of wasting my time pretending, I can invest that time ascending. Anyhow, it's stupidly damaging to rise higher than a fall you can take. The more elevated the step, the longer the tumble, the harder the crash, the greater the pain if you aren't prepared to handle it. So... patience, dear.


principemestizo said...

patiente, thats the key, by the way i wrotte a post today that i dont know why makes me think in the way you say things in the blog, if you can take a look.
have a nice day

Chelle said...

ok, voy palla!

... (leyendo) ...

wow! muy apero! te deje comment. :D