Monday, June 04, 2007

Everything Has Its Time, Everything Has Its Place

If we are open of eyes, ears, and intuition, we will see that every time something doesn't go the way we wanted it to, it makes space and time for something new and different... even giving us the chance to experience situations and apparent obstacles that might help us aim for something better. We might not always notice it immediately, but somehow when we look back we can realize how things fit together in the bigger scheme of this puzzle. So, next time something doesn't go our way, instead of complaining and struggling against the present (which won't help anyway) we can use that energy to understand that there's a reason behind this, and even if we can't change what already happened, we can create something better for what is to come.

Nothing in the universe is lost. Life doesn't waste resources. ;)


Fidel said...

I would like to add to this beautiful thought that it is important we understand that we can create something better, and, infact, we only create our experience. Imagine for a second that this is absolutely true. What's to stop you from being in complete bliss!? Ah.. may everyone who needs to, see this too! :)

Joan Guerrero said...

Todo está especialmente concentrado en los lados donde tiene que existir ese o cualquier elemento o ser que nos rodea. Como dice una frase por ahi, no todo sucede por suceder... todo tiene su tiempo y su lugar en la materia.

Chelle said...

Fid- Thank you for those words. :) This is very true. It's up to us! Only we set the limit, and hopefully we will begin to see that those can be much higher than we tend to set 'em.

Jo- "está especialmente concentrado en los lados donde tiene que existir" - me gusto eso. :) asi es, nada esta de mas.

Chef Pablito said...

What am I CREATING..?