Monday, February 18, 2008

Give What You Would Like to Receive

How often have we heard this? How often have the wise reminded us that the path to true joy and unlimited abundance is closer to this than to being selfish? Yet, how often do we actually accept it as a possibility, and APPLY IT?
Nah, we mostly go back to our "What I'm Getting" checklist, and highlight what we're NOT getting.
Wouldn't it be nice to try a better way?


Anonymous said...

Nada que ver con el tema pero aca te envio una frase que me encanta!...

“La iniciativa les llega a los que saben esperar”
Alex DeLarge ACWO

Con respecto al tema es dificil dar lo que uno quiere recibir ya que somos egoistas por naturaleza!........Besos

MartianEgg said...

ay michi..
cada vez que paso por aqui,
me das un cocotazo.

que lindo que compartas tu luz.

un abrazo!