Sunday, September 13, 2009

Unleashing Creativity In All Directions

Ever had that feeling of being in the zone? I feel that when I am meditating.

I also feel that way when I am singing, like I'm at the right place, at the right time, like the whole universe is doing exactly what it's supposed to do, every revolving planet, every shining star, every single vibrating atom in harmony with my voice...

I'm grateful for having the opportunity to use my instrument to share joy with my friends and anyone else who is open is open to contagium.

Emotions are contagious, you know. And the good ones move through us faster than lightning.

I feel it too when I watch my friends express their own artistic talents.

I also feel that way when I am living my truth, when I flow with the moment and am innocently observing and accepting the amazing ways life has of unfolding.

I don't need to know what's going to happen tomorrow. I still have my goals and my plans, while remaining open to finding something better along the way.

Not knowing exactly how things will play out gives me the perfect opportunity for creating the most awesome reality I could ever imagine- or even better!


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