Saturday, January 09, 2010

Get In Touch With Your Heart

Through the years and our experiences we learn a thing or two about what life is, who we are, and how to live.
We are taught that we're supposed to be this way or that way and do this for this circumstance and react that way to the other.
We develop defenses, walls, weapons, remarks, fortresses and war tactics. As the years pass we forget how to laugh and take life with a sense of discovery and innocence. People become enveloped in their problems and never seem to see that there's always a harmonious solution, no matter how many things they have succesfully solved. Even in the realms of the heart there's more information about conquering, attachment, manipulation, criticism and separation than there is about how to really love.
Isn't this upside down? Especially when you consider that isn't one of the things everyone really wants (even if it's way deep down) is simply to love and be loved?
Then why is so much of our human culture constructed around highlighting our differences and categorizing each other and competing against ourselves instead of uniting in the collaboration of us all becoming better people?
Think about it. If we all help one another, we will all be better off.
If you dare to peel your layers and get rid of some of those blocks, you will feel more satisfied with the feelings of connection you will experience, and I assure you, so will others.
Let your heart be touched by love itself so you can reach out and touch the hearts of others.
Get in touch with the fountain of love inside you. You may have forgotten who you really are along the way and hidden all those treasures and talents which are still yearning to be expressed. But we all have an advantage that has been unfairly ignored: we were made to love.
So go on and dare to be who you really want to be and support your human teammates in unleashing their own greatness!
The good news is: It's never too late!!


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Puneet said...

It’s really wonderful.