Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Give Yourself Some Credit

Every single day we meet challenges in our lives. We are constantly bombarded by situations in which we don't quickly see a way out. Most of us carry around old fears that hold us back. And we've become experts at remembering our failures and pointing out our own flaws. What happens is that a lot of the time we discourage ourselves before we even attempt to hop on the solution train of thought.

You're right, you know. Yes, you have failed. Yes, you have flaws. Yes, you've gotten it wrong before. Yes, you will eventually make a mistake now and again. But, is that the whole truth? Is that the only thing you've done? Have you only failed?

If your answer is yes, think again. Just the fact that you were born is something you've achieved. And you have gotten this far somehow. It would be impossible if you had not gotten many things right. It doesn't matter how hard your life may have been or how simple your accomplishments may seem. You are alive, you are here. You have succeeded in a string of events that have led to this moment. Though sometimes we choose to focus only on a handful of so called meaningful experiences that we think define our life, and who we are. But are we being fair?

Is there only night, or is there also day? Is there only winter, or is there also spring? Is there only despair, or is there also hope? Is there only darkness, or is there also light?

It is important to be modest, but it's also crucial to be honest. Realize that just because things don't turn out exactly the way we would have wanted doesn't make anything a failure. The unexpected is filled with opportunity. And learning the lessons from your mistakes automatically makes you a winner. Openly and shamelessly observe the other side.

Go ahead and admit to yourself some (or many) of the things you have accomplished. It can be anything, from something as simple as brushing your teeth to driving a car to making a bold move and changing your career.

Begin to realize that there are also many things that you have done right, and keep a list on the refrigerator or as your computer desktop background, if necessary. Remind yourself that you are also good at things.

I say, give yourself some credit. And do it a lot!


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