Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do Not Hesitate to Show Love

Every single thing we do, say, or think affects more than we can consciously grasp. Think chain reaction.

Actions make a visible difference which you can observe, words not so much since it's up to another's interpretation and later use of the accepted message, and thoughts, well that's a tricky one. But if you think your thoughts happen only in your head, guess again.

Last night I was told of someone who said, "You couldn't imagine how looking at that bag felt."

This person did not have any knowledge of the contents in the bag, just the sensation produced by whatever was in it.

We all have hunches every now and then. You look at someone you've never met and you can sometimes tell whether you would get along or if something doesn't click. You've been to places where you know that walking through a certain area illogically just doesn't feel right and you choose to go another way that unexplainably feels safe. You've been faced with decision making moments when your gut clearly persuades you to elect one or the other choice.

Just as you can sometimes pick up signals from the outside, the same happens with your thoughts. You are constantly sending waves out there that are travelling unseen distances and creating ripples and unknown effects. They can be about fear, doubt, anger, despair... or they can be about compassion, connection, joy, faith, and love.

Whenever you have an opportunity to think something good, to say it, or show it, flow with it. If one little thing you think, say, or do affects the entire universe, then I hope we will all make an effort to pull our best from in here and put it out there.

Whenever you have a chance to love, do not hesitate to show it.

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