Thursday, December 02, 2010

What You Fill Your Mind With Instantaneously Changes Your Life

Have you ever had a headache which you totally forgot about when something exciting really happened? And after a while, your head did not once complain until you reminded yourself of the fact that it did just some moments ago?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were feeling bad about yourself, and then you realized your position was really absurd? That when you actually made a pause and looked around, what you encountered was an endless stream of things to be grateful for? And then, at that same moment, everything changed. What was dull became golden, what was opaque now shined and sparkled.

Every single moment we are directing our attention to our selected place of focus and sculpting our reality. Whatever we bring into our awareness manifests in our lives, sooner or later. Point of view shifts not only how we view things, but how they actually play out.

Let's make a conscious effort to have our thoughts, our reality shapers, work as our allies. Let's exercise our right to freedom of thought by being smart about the things we think about, by realizing we are responsible for the lives we create.

May your thoughts contribute to your blessings.



vince770 said...

Yes! The fist thing I do on days that end up turning out well is write in a journal what's on my mind and what I want to accomplish for the day so I can visualize it. That way I set the agenda instead of going to Twitter first thing and the headlines setting my agenda for me. What's more important, I think, is that we teach the world how to visualize peace together and acceptance of love, because it seems like we collectively visualize war and injustice and look what we have manifested for our species.

Chelle said...

Agree, we need to connect with love within and strengthen brotherhood and peace and support for one another, and together we will be creating an awesome new world. :)

Malachi said...

Hi Chelle,

I believe even the infomation we absorb from tv, radio, music, and etc can effect the mind. I like to do what is called a luxury fast to reset the mind back to a focus state. There is a group called Seekers of Knowledge that I feel you would be interested in. You have great knowledge.

Chelle said...

Hello Malachi, I agree, I like having a "digital cleanse" from time to time, and have periods of silence too. Thank you for sharing this group, I will look into it.