Monday, January 09, 2012

Private Confessions

There are particular times in life when you have so much to say, but it's either not the right time or not the right circumstance. Maybe these are the very reasons why you shouldn't speak, or might they be the excuses for you to hide and play it safe? When you really want to go through with something, the lines may somewhat blur. Vision clearing may require diligent effort.

No matter how it looks on the outside, there is one place where we should be allowed to open the curtains and let the sun shine or the rain splatter freely in our sight. Inside our own private mental chambers, we should be able to place it all on the table, look at it and play with it- make choices, dream dreams, and feel everything this leads to.

Maybe we will not know what to do with all of it right away, but one thing's for certain, self-deception will only drive us further from our truth, and from any chance of getting closer to fulfillment. Only when we get in touch with what it is that pulls us forward, can we decide whether we'll meet with this and let us get there.


Shaman Ziggy said...

Very nice blog and i look forward to reading more, love and light Shaman Ziggy

Chelle said...

Thank you! Many blessings.