Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Hey floating ones!

I'm really hungry right now, just waiting for my lunch, and lunch hour, to arrive. Seven minutes to go. But in the meantime...

I had an interesting experience yesterday morning at my job's parking lot. As I was gathering my Hatha Yoga mat and change of clothes for the 5pm class (yes, here at work), I accidentally dropped my key on the backseat of my car. I shoved the door shut and continued gathering my bags and balancing the weight on my shoulders. Then I heard the beep of the alarm going on and the car being automatically locked. I realized I didn't have the key with me. Oops. So it was time to choose my reaction.

I looked through the window, and there it was, not conscious of anything. I thought, Should I get frustrated and think mean things? Even if I chose to, I couldn't change the way things were at that exact moment. I could do something about it, yes, but the key was already locked in there and right then I couldn't get it out. So I turned away, bags and all, and started walking towards the building. I decided to ride with it and not waste unnecessary energy in helpless thoughts that would make me feel bad about something that couldn't be changed. Instead I chose to keep my cool and continue with my good mood.

As I got to my office I joked about it with my co-workers and proceeded to call my home to ask for someone to bring me the spare key whenever they made another trip. I'm here until 5pm anyway, 6pm yesterday since I had to give the yoga class, so I had practically the whole day without needing to actually open the car.

I am really glad I chose that reaction. I had the chance to appreciate the difference it makes when you do not struggle with the present. I mean, things were as they were and that was that. The moment's situation was already created. There is no point in trying to change the past... because you simply cannot. But you can shape the future IN the present, right?

Whatever I did at that moment would greatly define how I began my work day. It could've been upset, frustrated, angry at myself and the key and the stupid car alarm. Or the elected approach- accepting, peaceful, humourous, still loving myself and thanking God I have that alarm which goes on automatically in case I forget to lock my car one day.

Yesterday ended up being a great day. I did tons of stuff. Hatha Yoga was super. My younger brother brought my key as I was about to take my lunch break, and since I went out to greet him I also got the chance to see someone from High School who graduated with me. (I was very pleased to see him as well.)

So I learned a few things... especially the value of choosing my thoughts. It was a useful exercise, and I'm glad I had the chance to live it. I'll keep that in mind for future obstacles that are sure to present themselves in the rainbow of experiences that make up this life. It is worth it.


Gabs said...

ha! eso es algo tan sencillo, pero taaan dificil de internalizar. Es como que estamos programados para coger cuerda cuando pasan ciertas cosas...pero no tiene ninguna logica o razon de ser. Attitude is completely self determined - glad you see you went for the good attitude ;)

Chelle said...

e verda que es mas facil oirlo, hehe... programados para coger cuerda... that reminds me of that too many times played cranberries song... are we zombies?...or can we, como dice mi madre, "reprogramar los habitos"?