Sunday, February 20, 2005

the matrix of the senses

solely going by what our senses tell us is pleasure or pain is not enough to take us beyond the suffering that bonds us in this illusion of what we think is real.

the purpose of life is beyond what sight, taste, smell, hearing, or touch can allow us to appreciate. anyway, whatever we perceive through these channels is changing, temporary, not permanent.

the permanent, the all-important, the untangible but omnipresent, the sublime and overwhelming, the most pleasurable and longer lasting of all pleasures cannot be grasped by our undeveloped senses. we must go beyond the palpable, the see-able. we all know there's more to life, even if we cannot always explain why or how we know there's more. but to simply have some sort of faint idea that there is... is a beginning.

this is a quote from's Daily Inspiration

"This life's five windows of the soul
Distort the heavens from pole to pole
And teach us to believe a lie
When we see with, not through, the eye." -William Blake

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