Wednesday, November 01, 2006

welcome november, my birthday month :D

i start this one off with various thoughts:
  • everyone will not understand me, and i will not understand everyone. and that's ok. we already know that's how it is.
  • changing habits by trying to control my actions on the outside is difficult and inefficient. changing the way i think and the attitude i have inside is also difficult, but it is easier than the first and it takes care of replacing the habits i want to change, automatically.
  • i love. i am open. i am sure. and i'll continue to keep it that way.
  • just because something is hard doesn't mean i have to give up before i try. or even if i try and don't succeed, because i might get it right the next time. or even if i do succeed, because maintaining it is even more important.
  • taking time out for myself is entirely rewarding. this month i will give myself more. for peace, for love, for truth, for harmony.
  • listening to my heart is important. organizing my thoughts as well. i shall do both with loving detachment.

and those are some of the things i am pondering.


Y.O. said...

this is my bday month also, i will try to apply some o these thoughts for myself aswell

Chelle said...

you're welcome, i'll be doing that too... have a great birthday! :D

AniCh said...

Aiii diosss lo cumples!!! se vale! yo qiero celebrarch con ustedes pa alla :(...po sera pa mi!

Chelle said...

no te apure manich, se vale seguir la celeb hasta k vengas... o ponemo anich, sou y michi en er tushou! :P

mientra tantoz nos cantas por el skype! lol

Magali said...

"I am sure" , that´s the important thing...
Saludos Chelle!

AniCh said...

Buena idea...LOL

Chelle said...

mag- hello! sips, como puso anich en su post de hoy "nobody knows but me." so, yeah, uno es quien tiene que hacer el esfuerzo :)

nich- lo hacemos todo entonz pa compensarch, sho no me kejooo. ey, pero yo kiero velita como la de sarah! :P (tan super cute)

caminante said...

Chelle que tengas un feliz cumpleaƱos y que todos tus deseos se te cumplan. yo tambien soy de este mes. espero y la pases bien junto a tus seres queridos.

Chelle said...

grathiash! :P

igual para ti :)