Tuesday, April 09, 2013


When you hear the right words at the right time in the right tone, 
The soothing recognition of an inner click 
Of something that resounds within 
Of that which you ignored but somehow know you always knew 

When you grasp that all you've lived has lead you to this moment, 
The ineffable perfection of a synchronistic blend
Of something that feels right within
Of that which your capacity for orchestration could not apparently direct

When you accept that needed messages come from unexpected sources,
The impeccable arrangement of words so crystal clear
Of something that connects within
Of that which others would not possibly know without them knowing you

When you notice a connection without a word and just by presence,
The warming inspiration of truly open souls
Of something that is shared within
Of that which words would never be enough to say

When you see it all and soak the beauty in,
The aweing appreciation of art in grand expression
Of something that wakes up within
Of that which feels like a permanent extension of your deeper being

When you feel that you are free of words that build dams of repression,
The instant correction of a flawed perception
Of something that's released within
Of that which lifts the veil of ego identification and breaks false separation

When you allow yourself to love all and un-judge and simply be,
You are not only living, but letting yourself live.


Cin said...


Chelle said...

Thank you!

Roshnai. said...

Wow. This is exquisite!

Anonymous said...

Love, Love, Love...:-))

Great, Flower Friend!

Darren Schilling said...

This poem inspires me to go out and create freely without any hesitations or reservations. Thank you for sharing.

dhaani kul said...

Lovely... Thanks for sharing...

Shere said...

Beautiful and inspiring..